Who are we

 The Belgian Samoyeds Association is a relatively young Association which has been founded on 5 May 1998 by a group of people (all Samoyed lovers) with the idea to bring the Samoyeds in Belgium together.

We wanted to do everything official and asked St Hubertus if we could set up a club. They told us “to become official” we would have to satisfy on several requirements. 50 members was not a problem, but we also needed a minimum of 30 pups born in 1 year and that was, however, a problem because there were only 5 breeders in Belgium at that time. They all breed only from time to time. Therefore we started without official recognition and hoped that once we would be able to satisfy the second requirement. Finally, in May 2002 we made it and we became recognized by St. Hubertus (K.K.U.S.H/U.R.C.H. A02 05 05). They set us a three years test period and when we stand this well, we will get an official number. Since 1 April 2006 we got our official number 1197 and now we can say that we are an recognized race-association.

 The aim of the Belgian Samoyeds Association is to bring all Samoyeds lovers together, to look after the improvement of the race by correct breeding and to give greater publicity to the knowledge of the race.

 At this moment the Belgian Samoyeds Association is proud to have a membership of 100 families and we still are growing. We are proud to have a lot of members in France, Germany, The Netherlands and even in Ireland. You are also welcome to join this pleasant, lively and sociable Association.

 We also publish a quarterly magazine in 2 languages with a lot of pictures. This way we keep our members posted about all the things happening within the club.

 For more information in relation to our club you can always contact us by phone or by e-mail. The numbers you can find under the button: Board.